Events & Meetings

Events & Meetings

Events & Meetings in Carmella Hotel

In the Heart of the Carmel

At Boutique Carmella Hotel you will find a number of roofed and open spaces that are unique in their fancy and exclusive ambiance, good for private and business events and conferences in a variety of styles. They can contain up to 200 people.

An event production at Boutique Carmella Hotel, requires us to be precise alongside you and our team to create the ultimate effect to inspire the unforgettable atmosphere. We have chosen professionals who are the best in their fields as team members in charge of production.

The event production will be made with utmost precision of small details, including culinary menus escorted with drinks and wines, specially adjusted to the character and purpose of the event, decoration services, graphic design, branding, illustration and pyrotechnics, lighting, music, flowers and even scents that will help you complete the experience.

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