Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

Carmela Boutique Hotel

The Carmela Hotel considers it very important to make its activities accessible to people with disabilities. We believe that life with disabilities should not be accompanied by harm or exclusion from any activity. As a result of this world view, we work to make the hotel facilities and the website accessible to people with disabilities.

If you need additional accessibility that is not described in the accessibility statement, you are asked to contact the hotel or the accessibility manager so that we can respond to your request.

At the guest’s request, service access will also be carried out by text message (sms), WhatsApp message, by reading or by any other means that may be required.

Website – The hotel’s website is accessible

Parking – the hotel has parking for disabled people and the parking distance from the main entrance is 15 meters

Accessibility Officer – Shani Eliyahu – Hotel CEO – [email protected] or by phone 04-8302040

Signage – there is signage to identify accessible parking

Accessible rooms – the hotel has a deluxe room for disabled people – room specification –

Front door width: 98 cm

Bed height: 0.52 cm

The furniture in the room is accessible

The height of the light switches – 0.90 cm

The doors open both inwards and outwards

Entrance door to the inside

Shower door to the outside

– The size of the bathroom – 2.65X2.45 cm

– There is an L station next to the toilet

– There is a handrail in the shower

– There is no bathroom

If necessary, you can contact before arrival in order to coordinate the entrance and get more details.

Accessibility in text messages

You can contact us in any matter via SMS message or WhatsApp message to the number 0528658658 and we will be happy to help with any request.


If you encounter any difficulty browsing the site or have any comment on the matter, you can contact us by one of the following means:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 04-8302040

WhatsApp 0528-658658

Additional services provided at the hotel

Accompanying and assisting guests with visual disabilities according to the request

Handicapped parking reserved for a guest arriving in a vehicle with a disabled card (subject to availability and prior arrangement)

Free parking for a guest arriving with a vehicle with a disabled card

Dedicated TV broadcasts that include (closed) subtitles are transmitted in the guest room

The entry of a service animal (including a guide dog) is allowed upon presentation of permits prior to accommodation and stay at the hotel subject to the provisions of any law.